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Prayer has the power to change lives, and however you pray, Prayer is Good wants to help. Pray all day and pray like crazy!  Because when we take the time to connect with God, HE listens, and miracles happen.

Creating new ways to bring prayer to the forefront of your mind is what we do at Prayer is Good. We are praying over our business and each product we make inspiring a healthy mindset, and hoping that you will find time in each day to a moment… and pray.

Pray continually and share your prayers with us on Facebook and Instagram. We would love to hear from you.

Love, Brette


Founder, Brette Petway is a prayer positive activist, artist and author.  Her spiritual journey includes “art as a prayer”, exploring and sharing art therapy, taking prayerful pauses, journaling, and practicing daily devotionals. Prayer is Good™ creates prayer inspired products that are great for overcoming emotional pain in an interactive and healthy way. Brette is deeply committed and feels spiritually moved to lead all dear peeps closer to God, wholeness, and peace through prayer.

Prayer is Good ™  has a new award winning book called Prayer is Good: A Path from Grief to Peace. This 2018 LIVING NOW AWARD winning book celebrates a better life NOW allowing the reader to interactively pray and experience a personal conversation with God. Take the prayerful journal with Prayer is Good ™ and bring your prayer to life, and life to your prayers, Today!

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