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Our Prayer Is Good Book Helps a Christian Family Heal Their Grief


I am very excited to share what happened earlier this month with you.

I met a dear woman at one of my book signings in Florida. She came in a little late and stayed after the event, so I got a chance to speak with her. She said she had just seen my ad for the book signing and was moved by the idea that prayers could be colorful and healing. From my perspective, there isn’t a better way to pray!


I gave her a book and a journal to use for prayer. Then on July 15, she posted these photos and comment on the Prayer is Good Circle group page.

“When a Dear friend passes away and we are all sad 😢 What to do ??? Break out the coloring book and markers and ice cream. Thank you, Prayer is good, Brette Petway”  Susan Adele Ventulett🙏

I am delighted that Susan's family benefited from my work. I love to help other Christian Families heal their grief. Blessings to all!

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