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Prayer is Good

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My perspective on life is that everyone needs to connect to God, Source, Jesus, the Universe or whatever you prefer, through prayer. Through all of life’s challenges, prayer has guided and supported me. Only sometimes it didn’t look like a traditional prayer.

My first prayerful moments were when my younger sister Mandi was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease, a form of cancer called Hodgkin’s disease. She was just a junior in high school.

The shock that our family experienced from Mandi’s diagnosis was so deep that I’m not sure it ever completely dissipated. My entire family was rocked and forever changed. But we weren’t well equipped to deal with the shock and pain after her death.

What I’ve learned is that we all deal with an illness diagnosis in different ways. You may process sadness in a different way than I. With me, every emotion floats through my body—some pass through and some get lodged in there. Think about that for a minute: can you tell where in your physical body your emotions are stuck? When this happens, we must find a way to express them. Repression only leads to more problems, physically, emotionally, or spiritually.

The shock and confusion were like a quickening. My entire family was rocked and forever changed. And we weren’t well equipped to deal with the shock and pain after her death.

After Mandi passed, I found myself journaling and drawing pictures. I couldn’t stop drawing!

I let my emotions flow onto the paper or canvas like water flows from a faucet. I had never drawn before but now- it was pouring out of me!

Later, I realized that these drawing and journal entries were my first prayers. 

I started drawing my feelings. I’d sketch a human body and journal on and around it. Whatever I was feeling in my body, I’d share on the body that I sketched: Love, sadness, confusion, loneliness, faith, loss, anger, etc. Later, I started painting these feelings, and then I started collaging. This went on for years.

Suddenly one day it became clear. I felt in my heart that this was a form of connection I had with God. This was a message, and these prayers in my life were healing me through all that I was writing and experiencing—happy times, sad times, bright times, dark times, life times, and death times. Day in and day out I had God, my journal, my color, and my feelings.

Since that revelation, I have been able to help many others to use this creative approach to prayer. I believe that prayers that are done with your head, heart and hands can transform you faster and more gracefully that spoken prayers.

From this awareness, I created Prayer is Good- a new way to pray and get unlimited support from your connection first to yourself, and then to your higher power. I invite you to enjoy the blessings available to every day to love a peaceful life by drawing your prayers.

If you would like to learn more about my journey and how it can help you, please check out my new book, Prayer is Good, A Path From Grief To Peace. 

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