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The Power of Peace

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I discovered the power of peace when my emotions started to flow after my sister, Mandi, passed. At first there was a gushing waterfall of emotions cascading onto my journals. Now, that was not peaceful! But I guess it was necessary…

Eventually, after the prayerful art poured out of me, I would experience a moment of peace and I could connect to it. I also could start to sense that Mandi was at peace too- and that made all the difference.

Do you ever give yourself the gift of peace? Do you get to relax and connect to God in stillness?

I want to share this because for me, the stillness is where my connection to God is. While I’m writing in my journal or making prayerful art I enter a flow with the power of peace from the Divine.  I breathe it in. It shows up and washes over me and I am renewed.

This connection transcends all understanding. I just let it in and it cracks my heart right open, so I can do my mission in the world.  My work at is based on my journey and the ways that you can benefit from the blessings of prayer.

I want this connection for you too!

You can download my free Prayer Journal by signing up on the front page and join me to choose peace over worry today.


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