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Prayers for Supporting Your Faith


Anyone that has been through grief knows of the struggle you have with Faith. We all ask ourselves questions like:

  • Why me?
  • How could God do this to me?
  • Why have you abandoned me Lord?
  • How can I trust you God after this?

Like you, I’ve had my faith tested multiple times. The biggest test was when my sister died.  From that tragedy came a huge opportunity for personal growth. I found that my sorrow could be expressed and shared to help others. My faith grew and grew with every prayerful image, collage or button sculpture.

As soon as I realized that these pieces of art were prayers to help me connect to God, my faith was strengthened. My daily practices of prayers have helped me live my life by faith more than by sight.

God has my back. He has yours too- If you will let him. With faith all areas of your life can be healed- body, mind and spirit.

Faith in God is my connection to my well-being, my health, my prayer, myself, my family, my friends, my mission and my online community.

I healed through faith and so can you.

A prayer for supporting your faith:

Dear Lord, help me connect to you and to find that connection every day.  Please be there for me and remind me that through You, all things are possible. I know that my faith will multiply if I pray. I will pray with you every morning, so I can understand and sense new, deeper ways to discover my faith.

Thank you, God.

For other prayers for Faith, please join us on Facebook at Prayer is Good or in our group, Prayer is Good Circle.

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