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Pray for Truth- Will the Truth Set You Free?

Prayer For Truth

Your honest perspective can make a big difference in how you relate to the world.

What is truth to you? Can you get clear on what is real, verses a story? Can you get through the emotional “stuff” to see what is real and true for you? Can you connect to the wisdom of truth as part of your spiritual journey?

There are hundreds of references to truth in the bible. Some of them include definitions of truth as righteousness, reality, veracity and honesty. Some refer to moral truth, logical truth, religious truth, and faithfulness.

My definition of truth is “the body of real things, events, and facts.” But will the truth set you free? I believe it will.

I pray for Truth a lot! I pray that I can have faithfulness guide me to the truth in all situations. I also pray that the truth will be revealed when I’m making big decisions.  My life is full of these difficult decisions, and I ask for assistance daily for God’s support to find truth.  I am grateful that God supports me – and he will support you too if you pray for Truth.

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