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Prioritizing Prayer

A Young Redhead Woman Praying At Home During Morning Devotional.

We are all so busy! Sometimes it seems so hard to stop and take time to talk with God.  However, as in any relationship, communication is key! Praying is how we spend time with God, the most important relationship in our lives! Do you struggle with making time and finding ways to pray? Here are a few simple ways to prioritize prayer.

Ways to Prioritize Prayer

  1. Make time to pray - get up earlier, go to bed later, pray on your lunch break in your car on the way to work or on a park bench.
  2. Go for a Prayer walk - - when you see a person, place, or thing remembering to pray for them/thank God for them. Walk through your neighborhood, on the beach, through a park praying.
  3. Be real with God - Talk to God like you would a friend! Praying should be natural. Whatever your need, He can take it! Talk to God while you are on the go, keep a journal on you and write, or text yourself prayers, to help get out what’s on your heart.
  4. The ACTS method - Sometimes we don’t pray like we should because we don’t know how, and that’s ok! Here’s an easy prayer template: ACTS! Adore and praise God, Confess sin, Thank God for blessings and challenges that are growing us, and Salutations, aka requests.
  5. Post verses/thoughts about God - Tape notecards wherever you would see them most throughout your day reminding you to pray.
  6. Praying with other Christians - set aside time daily or weekly to gather together.

The Power in Communicating with God

The reason to prioritize prayer is the power of communicating with God! This “prayer power” isn’t believing things can change, but believing in God and trusting His plan. He is the one who moves in situations, places, and people like us! Do not underestimate who you are praying to! Nor underestimate the power of praying! Praying changes us as well and brings us into alignment with ourselves.

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If you want to find some additional, fun ways to help you prioritize prayer, check out our Shop and Online Prayer Community! In our Shop, we have notepads to help you remember those prayer requests, as well as postcard books. Just tear out a postcard, color it, pray, write a note on the back, and send it through the mail to somebody who you know is in need of encouragement! Our Online Prayer Community gives you a platform to submit prayer requests as well as comment on the requests of others to let them know you’re praying for them.Blessings!


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