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The Election is Over- The Praying Doesn’t Cease


I’m very excited to be writing my first blog for Prayer is Good.

What a beautiful time for prayer.  We’ve just had our new President elected, although it feels as the world has gone to ‘hell in a hand basket.’  Where this saying came from I have no idea, however, I sure do feel this right now.  The energy and frequency are palpable of the discord among all of us.  We truly are a divided country, not because of the President elect, politics, but because of who ‘we’ are inside of our beautiful selves.  We are a broken people in great need of God's Love to make us whole.  Now is the time to pray for change from within, that will create miracles within and without.  

I’ve remained in prayer throughout this whole Presidential Election and feel it’s the only way to survive it for me.  It’s a way that I can remain 100% responsible for myself and my actions so that others may do the same.  Prayer changes things.  It certainly changed the way I related to this election.  Because of my prayer I remained calm, peaceful, content and supported.  To serve with hope, gratitude, and pray my way through each day is the miracle.  Prayer is the miracle in the very moment I feel anxiety, sadness, hopeless, whatever I’m feeling.  

We must call on our prayers to help shift our beautiful selves.  Prayer takes good care of us spiritually.  When we pray, miracles happen.  Say a simple prayer today for something you have going on.  Especially if it’s election related.  What do you need prayer for right now?  Say a very simple prayer……

God, I need your love and support today, right now.  Help me, please. I’m having a difficult time with my country, this election, how can you support me?  Thank you.  

Now be still, be quiet, breath, listen and receive God’s love, God’s support, God’s wisdom.  God is always available.  God loves you.  God is love.   

Thank you for praying.  Always remember, prayer is good.

I love you like crazy, dear ones.

God bless us all, no exceptions.

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