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Do you believe words matter?  We do. Get drawn into prayer with our words of inspiration from Brette.

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Brette Petway
I want to be honest with you.
My home has not always been peaceful, and I had to make a lot of changes to get to a place of peace. I needed a constant reminder that being peaceful is my natural state, even in the chaos of four kids, two businesses and the noisiness around me of X Boxes, sibling bickering, iPhones dinging and family dramas,
One of the ways I was able to create this change was by making Altar-ations to my life. I built a physical Peace altar in my home where everyone could see it and be reminded to breathe .
I place my 5 must-have items on it and change it whenever I feel moved. You just need a little space and a little faith to bring peace back into your life. It’s amazing what 5 everyday items on a table can do for the soul.
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2 days ago  ·  

30 years in the making! Seriously 30 years of journaling and painting and collaging, and this is the very first time my private work is out in the public! Watch the video to hear my story, and remember... it's never too late in life to realize your dreams!
Here's the link to view and purchase
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4 days ago  ·  

My favorite green drink recipe right now! Combine fresh spinach, tangy arugula, romaine lettuce, tart red and green apples, and one fresh-squeezed lime with 4 cups of water, and let the Vitamix do its thing for 10 seconds. Pour into Mason Jars and refrigerate. Carry one with you throughout the day, and don't forget to Slow Down with every sip because taking care of yourself should NEVER be rushed.
For some herbal oomph to reduce fatigue and boost your energy, check out Moon Juice Power Dust
For more tips on pausing your day, check out…/.
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1 week ago  ·  


20Aug 18

A Reminder to Follow God

Follow Me. -God I always need a reminder to follow God. Do you? Sometimes I forget that I'm not running the show- and then I remember God is! Everyday is…

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