Welcome to our creative prayer community where you can experience the healing power of prayer using your head, heart and hands. Pray, draw, and share your prayer here with us, and know that when two or more are gathered, miracles happen!

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Prayers for this precious Being these last days of her journey in this realm and peace in her heart always and forever. You are loved Jerika

Praying it forward.

Praying this forgiveness prayer right now. It\’s a beautiful forgiveness journey when I share these simple statements with myself and others.

Choosing to look at what the truth is in this situation and release, let go, speak the truth. I need a miracle. Thank you, love you.

Please help ALL of us who are in shock due to a life situation. Bless us with your divine Presence, God, heal us now. We love you.

Peace begins with me! Hallelujah!

Blessing ALL dear peeps with comfort during these trying moments on our dear planet. God, grant us comfort, please. Thank you.

Praying it forward. Thanking, God, for prayers. What are you praying for today? Draw it, share it, inspire prayers. I love you!

Prayers for Dallas and all dear peeps there and everywhere. Peace begins with me, each precious Being. Let there Be peace on earth.

Sending prayers to ALL dear peeps right now. Prayers for a peace that passes all understanding. Hard to understand life & death sometimes.

Sending hope to the hopeless. Praying for more hope on our dear planet and for ALL dear peeps.

Sending Craig healing prayers. May you receive love and light during these challenging healing moments ahead of you. You are SO loved.

Sending prayers for Kay during this healing time in her life. Sharing love, light, truth, & grace today and everyday. Xoxo